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36 Tamarisk Lawns, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 244518743info@kilnamanaghkids.comMon-Fri 8am - 6pm






Welcome to Kilnamanagh Kids Creche & Montessori School.  We are delighted you chose our crèche for the care and education of your child.  The following are some guidelines which form our contract with you.


  1. Application forms: Upon commencement at Kilnamanagh Kids you will be asked to sign some documents which set out the conditions upon which we take your child into our care.
  1. Terms and Conditions Sheet: This document also sets out some of our main policies e.g Sickness policy, payment policy etc.  You will receive 2 copies of this and we ask that you return one to us and retain one for reference.  All of our crèche policies and procedures are displayed in the book display in the hall and you are welcome to read these at any time.  Once signed this document constitutes any agreement between the crèche and parents/guardians that you will adhere to the terms and conditions of the crèche and agree to our policies and procedures.
  2. Children’s information Record: This document is very important as it tells us something about your child, sets out details of persons authorised to collect your child, contact arrangements in the case of emergency, Doctors details and details of any allergies, food intolerances etc.  Please take your time and fill this form out as thoroughly as possible.
  3. Child Immunisation Schedule: Again this is a really important document as it gives us vital information as to where your child stands with regards to vaccinations.
  4. Medication Administration Form: If you wish to sign one of this forms to give us permission to give your child pain relief such as calpol or neurophen we can keep it on file.  Don’t forget we require a medication administration form signed for every medicine you require us to administer to your child (whether on prescription or not).  If we do not have a signed medicine administration form we are unable to administer any type of medicine.
  5. Permission slip to allow your child to appear on our Facebook or internet pages: This slip lets us know whether  you choose to allow your child’s picture to appear on our Facebook or internet site.  If you prefer for your child’s picture not to appear we will note your decision and ensure that no pictures are used (except on crèche premises).
    1. Sickness Policy: Before commencing at Kilnamanagh Kids it is important that parents are aware of our sickness policy as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.  For the health and welfare of all children in our care and for our staff it is imperative that this policy is adhered to.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO CRECHE IF he/she is suffering from a contagious infection, or has vomited or had diarrhoea in the past 24 hours. If a child requires an anti-biotic he should not come to creche until he has been on the medicine for 24 hours.

At the back of this booklet you will find a list of illnesses and number of exclusion days which apply if applicable,


  1. Deposit: When registering your child with Kilnamanagh Kids we require a deposit of €150.  This deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind and decide not to place your child in the crèche.  It will however be refunded in upon receipt of 1 months notice when leaving the crèche.
  2. Fee payments: Payment of fees is strictly on the 1st working day of each month. Our preferred method of payment is direct debit (bank details available from Deirdre/Sandra) – however, we do accept cheques/cash as long as fees are in an envelope with your child’s name clearly marked on the envelope.  It is our policy to text parents in the case of late payment – in continuous cases of late payment we reserve the right to refuse children’s admission to the creche.


Our monthly fees are displayed on the parents notice board.

  1. Notice: We require one month’s notice of your intention to take your child out of crèche. We would appreciate if you would adhere to this policy as it ensures the smooth running of rooms as we can plan numbers in advance.
  2. Communications with parents: regarding events, news, activities, trips etc. is done using several methods. Our main form of communications with parents is via our app Little Vista which you will be asked to download upon commencement of your child at creche.  We also use the parent’s notice board in the crèche hallway on the left hand wall – keep an eye on this as you drop/collect your child as we will post upcoming events or relevant information on this.  Secondly, we use our facebook page to relay information.  If you are on facebook – click “like” on our Kilnamanagh Kids page and you will see the day to day activities of the creche and information regarding upcoming events.  Our quarterly newsletter is also an important source of information – all important dates and upcoming events will be mentioned in this along with some interesting information regarding staff training, arts and crafts activities etc.  As we try to be a “green” crèche as far a possible we try not to send individual notes home so please check out the notice board, facebook or the newsletter.
  3. Creche Staff: Upon commencement at Kilnamanagh Kids you will be introduced to your child’s key worker (i.e. the room leader) and to any other staff who will be involved in the care of your child.  All of our staff are Garda Vetted and are trained in Paediatric First Aid.  If you have any issues/problems which you would like to discuss, there is a Manager on Duty at all times who will be happy to talk to you.
  4. Relief Staff: We have two relief staff on our team who are also Garda Vetted.  In the event that your child’s key worker is absent from work due to sickness/holidays we will, as far as is practicable, let you know who will be taking care of your child.
  5. Daily Read: When collecting your child your key worker will give you a run down of your child’s day including any information to be relayed from school, eating habits for dinner/tea, any incidents or accidents which may have occurred.  You will be required to sign the accident/incident form to say that the accident/incident was explained to you.
  6. Accident/Incident Forms: All accidents or incidents witnessed by staff will be recorded on an accident/incident sheet and you will be asked to sign to indicate that the accident/incident was explained to you and that you are happy with our handling of the situation.  While every precaution is taken to keep children in our care safe, children will be children and we may not be able to explain every minor scratch or bruise.
  7. Observations: As part of our early learning curriculum we carry out observations on the children to ensure they are reaching their milestones.  Group observations are carried out during group activities and recorded in the large Aistear Books in the hall which you are welcome to browse.  Individual observations are carried out on children once every six weeks and are stored in the Aistear Folder in each room.  Staff will discuss observations with you as they are carried out.
  8. Opening and Closing Hours: The crèche opens at 8am and closes at 00pm sharp.  Please ensure that your child is off the premises by 6.00pm – we do not have a late arrivals charge but in the event of constant late arrivals we maintain the right to ask you to remove your child from crèche. Staff normally arrive in crèche at 7.50am to facilitate crèche setup.  Please do not call before 8am as we will be unable to take care of your child while setup is taking place.
  9. Closures: As set out in our terms and conditions we close for all bank/public holidays.  For Easter holidays we do not open on Good Friday, for Christmas holidays we close at 6pm on 23rd December and reopen on the first working day of the New Year.  Our policy for unforeseen closures is set out in the Terms and Conditions.
  10. Childcare Regulations and National Standards for Pre-school: There is a copy of each of these documents in the bookstand in the hallway.  We at Kilnamanagh Kids pride ourselves on running an excellent crèche and ensure that we abide by the Childcare Regulations in all areas including child:adults ratios, space per child ratios etc.  Our early learning curriculum is Montessori based linked to the Aistear themes of Well being, Identity and Belonging, Communication and Exploring and Thinking.


Each room in the crèche has a yearly, monthly and weekly plan.  These are displayed in the rooms and parents are welcome to view them at any time.

  1. Some important points to note with regard to After-school Service:-


  1. Breakfast is served from 8.00am to 8.30am for afterschoolers.
  2. St Kevins: We leave the crèche to walk to school at 8.40am. Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing (e.g a raincoat!) as hail, rain or snow we walk!!  Unfortunately if your child arrives after 8.40am we will not have any staff available to bring them to school.  The junior/senior infants are collected at 1.30 at the door of their classroom unless we have been informed of earlier closing and 1st to 6th Class are collected at 2.30pm.
  3. Your child is covered for full-time care in the crèche for all holidays/half days indicated on the School Calendar. We cannot collect children early for sports days etc. if these days have not been indicated on the school calendar.  We cannot facilitate care of Junior Infants until they start at 8:50 and leave at 1:30pm
  4. In the event of emergency closures (e.g snow days) we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee a service until 1.30pm. In such emergencies ring the crèche and we will confirm if we have a place – there will be an extra charge for this.
  5. If your child cannot attend school for any reason we cannot accommodate them until after-school commences at 1.30pm.
  6. If your child is sick please do not send them to crèche.
  7. If the school ring regarding collecting your child due to illness, we cannot collect them.
  8. The afterschool rate for children commences in September each year.
  9. Homework: Time limits have been given to us by the school and any written homework exceeding this must be finished at home.


Junior and Senior Infants and 1st Class – 20 minutes

2nd Class upwards – 30 minutes


Paired reading must be done at home as the school feels it promotes a bond between parent and child.


  1. Our daily routine is packed full of activities. There is a huge emphasis on play in the Afterschool room as we feel it facilitates growth and learning in a fun and safe setting.
  2. During school holidays children are asked to bring a healthy packed lunch and drink.
  3. We like to practice good hygiene so during toy days, while children are allowed to bring in make-up and hair accessories, hairbrushes, lipsticks, Vaseline etc. must not be shared.
  4. During School holidays we try to arrange trips out of the crèche for the afterschoolers. The charge for these trips depends on the cost of the bus and the fee payable to the facility – the crèche does not receive any extra payment.  If you do not wish your child to attend the trip please let us know asap so we can arrange alternative care for them.



Chart to show the period of time your child should be kept away from Creche if unwell.

ILLNESS 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days Able to attend Completely Recovered Managers discretion
Gastro-enteritis     X      
Sickness and/or Diarrhoea       24 hrs after last symptom    
Ear infection X*        
Eye Disorders X*        
Temperatures           X
Viral Infection X      
Thrush X      
Measles         X  
Rubella         X  
Impetigo         X  
Chicken Pox         X  
Meningitis         X  
Allergies       X    
Hand, Foot & Mouth         X  
Scabies         X  
Roseola Infantum       X    
Mumps         X  
Scarlet Fever         X  
Slapped Cheek syndrome         X
Whooping Cough         X  
Herpes Simplex         X  
Eczema       X    
Ring Worm         X  
Head Lice   X    
Tonsillitis X*        
Chest Infection X*        
Common cold           X


Where the above illnesses state:-

‘Completely recovered’ this means they can return to Creche when the Creche Manager is satisfied there will be no risk of infection to the other children.
If you are unsure of what your child may be suffering from, we would be grateful if you could see a chemist/doctor to ensure that is not contagious.


X* 24 hours after treatment has commenced.